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Poet's Study

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Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s enigmatic spirit and modern Dark Academia. Each small batch is meticulously blended and has been called “the best Earl Grey I have ever tasted” by some serious tea snobs. Perfect for fueling your creative pursuits, doing work, reading, or when you're just feeling a mood. Steep a cup and immerse yourself in the world of poetic genius and the mysterious Victorian Gothic.

Ingredients: black tea, cornflower petals, organic compliant natural flavors

Caffeine: medium

Kosher · Vegan · GMO-Free · Gluten-Free

30-45 servings

Tea From: Sri Lanka / Albania

Regions: Nuwara Eliya, Dimbula, Uva / Tirana

What does Poet's Study taste like?

A harmonious balance of robust black tea and citrus noted bergamot oil, with a hint of floral sweetness.

Why 30-45 servings?

Each 2oz handcrafted pouch of Poet's Study contains around 45 teaspoons of tea. That's 45 servings if you do the world standard 1 teaspoon in an 8oz teacup.

Most people in the U.S. use larger mugs made for coffee, though. For those, we recommend 1.5 teaspoons. You still get at least 30 strong servings in your favorite mug :)

What is your Moneyback Happiness Guarantee?

If you're unsatisfied with your order, we'll refund it. No returns needed. It's that simple.

Steeping Instructions

(For iced tea, do half the amount of water and then pour over ice.)

Where is this tea grown?

Tea From: Sri Lanka / Albania

Regions: Nuwara Eliya, Dimbula, Uva / Tirana

Benefits of high alititude grown tea

  • Exceptional Flavor & Aroma:

Our high-altitude teas are grown in cooler climates, allowing the tea plants to develop slowly and concentrate their flavor. The result? An extraordinarily rich, complex taste that you won't find in an ordinary big box store tea.

  • Exclusivity & Rarity:

With limited production due to difficult terrain and growing conditions, high-altitude teas are harder to come by. This exclusivity adds to the desirability of every cup you steep.

  • Hand-Harvested

Most of our high-altitude tea is carefully hand-plucked. Plucking luxury tea is a highly specialized skill that produces superior teas and provides good jobs to locals in the region. Reliance on hand plucking means that thousands of jobs are not replaced by machine. Japan is an exception. There, luxury teas are harvested by machine.

  • Antioxidant Benefits:

Scientific studies suggest that these teas contain higher levels of beneficial antioxidants compared to lower-altitude varieties.

  • Sustainably Grown, Ethically Sourced:

We’re committed to protecting the delicate mountain ecosystems where our tea is grown. Sustainable farming practices ensure we respect the environment and support the local communities that make our exceptional teas possible. Hand-plucking requires very little fossil fuel, and releases virtually no CO2.

Why choose Chapters?

Artisan Experience

Our hand plucked full leaves provide maximum flavor and value. All are small batch blended and then packed by hand, ensuring attention to every single leaf before we send it your way.

Artist Illustrations

Each pouch features hand illustrated artwork drawn by independent artists. The soft touch adds a layer of elegance, and the premium thickness keeps your tea it's freshest.

Support Small Business

We're a small Michigan based business focused on creating the best possible experience for our community and customers.

Mental Health Awareness

5% of net profits are donated to Active Minds, the national leader for young adult mental health advocacy and suicide prevention.


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